Frequently Asked Questions

Happy Leaver

What is a "Happy Leaver"?

Happy Leaver is the term used to refer to members of the community who are renting out their property through Owners or tenants, from students to professionals and seniors, who go on a business trip or simply for leisure. By using the Leavy platform, they now have the option of leaving their property while being paid and feeling confident and happy, making them “happy leavers”.

How does it work?

Fill out our contact form in the "Let's go" tab. A member of our team will contact you to gather your contact information and explain the next steps. If needed, we will organise a meeting with our partner photographer (costs paid by Leavy). While you are away, a Host-on-Demand will welcome travelers in your home and will make sure it remains presentable. You will receive a guaranteed income, whether your apartment is rented or not. The solution is tailor-made: 100% free, no hidden fees, no commissions, nothing. You will find your accommodation in impeccable condition and you will already be looking forward to leaving and getting paid.

Who will welcome travelers in my accommodation?

Initially a Host-on-Demand is associated with a Happy Leaver. They will be responsible for welcoming travelers to your home during your absence and will be your main point of contact. Leavy will however oversee the entire process and remain available to help and / or support you if needed.

How much will I get paid?

Leavy's algorithm will calculate your guaranteed income. There are no hidden fees or commissions, you will receive 100% of your guaranteed income whether your apartment is rented or not.

How is my guaranteed income calculated?

Our estimate is based on five main criteria: - The location of the apartment - The sleeping capacity of the apartment - The size of the apartment - Seasonality and the period of absence - The condition of the property Our algorithm will combine all of the above and provide an estimate of your guaranteed income based on your period of absence.

Is it legal to sublet my apartment?

Yes, subletting your apartment with Leavy is 100% legal. You will need the agreement of your landlord and your guaranteed income must not exceed the amount of your rent.

How do I store my valuables/personal items?

You can use a professional storage service near you. If necessary, do not hesitate to ask us for advice on the various storage facilities available. You can also store your personal belongings in a secure area of your apartment.

What are the next steps to take before leaving?

The most important thing to do before you leave is to contact and meet with your Host-on-Demand at least 3 days before you leave. You will meet at your apartment to present everything there is to know about your property (especially if there are specific details that make your apartment unique!). Before you go, be sure to give your host on demand: - 2 sets of keys (keep one with you in case of emergency or give one to your neighbor), - 2 sets of sheets and towels per bed (to help cope with the turnover) Please leave your property clean and ready for the traveler to use, your Host-on-Demand will make it spotless!

Is my accommodation insured?

Two insurances cover your property: - The insurance of the short-term rental platforms that we use in the event that the damage is caused by guests. - Your own insurance in case the damage is caused by the wear and tear of your home (for example: water leak, boiler problems, etc.). Leavy is not responsible for any additional costs associated with guests staying in the property, such as internet, heating or water costs. Fortunately, damage is very rare because we have a strict control policy. Despite this, like all real estate, your home may show signs of wear over time. After the departure of our travelers, we check your accommodation for any damage of any kind. In case of damage, we take photos and submit a refund request on the platform on which the reservation was made.

How do you choose the profile of the occupants?

We place high importance on security, which is why we thoroughly screen guests before any booking confirmation, based on several criteria: - Their profile has been used on the rental platforms before (this can be confirmed thanks to their comments) - The reason for their reservation: have they already rented? Is this a request for a single night? Is it for a weekday or a weekend? - Their rating given by our omnichannel software Plus, rest assured that your property is thoroughly cleaned to national government standards for the current pandemic. Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected to ensure your safety and comfort and the guidelines will be enforced by our Host-on-Demand.

How do you choose the Host-on-Demand?

When we welcome a new Host-on-Demand to be part of our community, we make sure it is legal to work with them in each country we operate. Host-on-Demand people receive professional training and are trained in COVID-19 cleaning procedures. After each booking, Host-on-Demand receive a review from our travelers. We make sure they are always positive to ensure a community of trust.


What is a Host-on-Demand?

A Host-on-Demand, is a member of our community who welcomes travelers in Happy Leavers' accommodation and shares his or her favorite local tips with our travelers.

How does it work?

Fill out our contact form in the "Let's go" tab. A member of our team will contact you to explain your main missions. Make sure you have all the necessary documents to be a Host-on-Demand: - have a self-employedd status, - have professional liability insurance, - to be of age, - and have a clean criminal record. You will receive a link to our "online training" which you will need to complete. To welcome travelers, you must have a smartphone and be able to create accounts on the different short-term rental platforms that we use. You will be associated with a Happy Leaver apartment near you. You will meet the Happy Leavers at home to make an inventory and so that they give you the necessary items destined to travelers of the apartment. You will make sure the apartment is presentable and greet travelers in the most professional way possible. Upon the Happy Leaver return, you will meet them to make an inventory and return his keys.

What documents do I need to provide to become a Host-on-Demand?

To be a Host-on-Demand you must be a self-employed person, have civil liability insurance and a clean criminal record.

What are the missions of a Host-on-Demand?

The tasks of a Host-on-Demand are (not limited to) the following: - keep the home presentable to travelers: cleaning it but also reporting damage of any kind. - be the main point of contact with travellers: answering all their questions before, during or after their stay. - keeping track of when guests enter and leave. - cleaning and washing bedsheets and towels between each reservation. - ensuring that travellers respect the rules of the accommodation. - ensuring that travellers get the most out of their stay. - ensuring that passengers check out on time.

When do I get paid?

You will enjoy a competitive income paid by Leavy twice a month. Your income includes: - communication with travelers before, during and after their stay, - the check in / check out of travelers, - as well as the cleaning of the apartment and the linen between each stay. You will also receive a bonus (up to 15% of the reservation's rate) if you get good reviews !

According to what criteria would I be associated with the apartment of a Happy Leaver?

When you are part of our Host-on-Demand community, we will notify you of the departure of a Happy Leaver who lives near you so that you can welcome travelers while they are away.

What happens in case of an emergency or if I am not available to honor a reservation?

Emergencies can happen and don't worry! As an independent worker, you are free to take time off but please contact Leavy as soon as possible as we need 7 working days' notice to find an alternative solution. The members of our community love to help each other when some are away and that's what makes this adventure so unique.

How many apartments can be assigned to me?

In the beginning, we try to give you an apartment close to your home. Being a perfect host can take a lot of time! The more effective and motivated you are, the more homes you will welcome travelers for (up to 3).

How many languages do I have to speak?

Our travelers come from all over the world. The best way to communicate with them is in English, so it is important to have some knowledge of that language. Speaking another language is a big plus!

What should my availability be?

Being a perfect Host-on-Demand isn't as easy as it sounds. If you have a daily job from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, being a Host-on-Demand can be quite demanding. Indeed, since our travelers usually leave in the morning, the apartment must be cleaned and you must welcome the next travelers in the afternoon.

How can I become an amazing Host-on-Demand?

Our teams have created a very comprehensive online training course that you can consult at any time and which explains all your responsibilities. It's the perfect tool for learning how to be a great Host-on-Demand. However, if you have specific questions durinng your missions, you can always ask the Happy Leaver (e.g. how to turn on hot water) or Leavy (when you have a particular problem with a traveler or a booking for example) .