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Most asked questions

What is a "Happy Leaver"?

A Happy Leaver is a tenant who leaves their appartment for at least 2 days. Leavy pays them their rent, whether they had a guest at their house or not!

What is an "Host on Demand"?

An Host on Demand is a citizen who loves to travel and to meet new people. Their mission: to welcome visitors and to share their travel experience. In return, Leavy helps them to save up for their next adventure.

Who are these travelers?

Either professional partners on a business trip or tourists that would like to enjoy the city for a few days.

What is the average duration of a stay for one of your guests?

During an absence of longer than 30 days, we usually find an occupant for an average of 10 days.

What happens if Leavy doesn't find guests?

Your rent is guaranteed, whether we managed to find a guest for your apartment or not 🙂

How do you select your travelers?

Every traveler signs an agreement of good behaviour upon arrival which forbids them to smoke in the apartment, or to bring pets, to have a party in the apartment and so on. If they don’t respect the rules, they will be required to leave the premises.

Is subletting legal?

Subletting your apartment is perfectly legal if your landlord agrees and you do not receive more than the rent you pay.

Is your service really free of charge?

Yes! Our service is free of charge from A to Z: we don’t take a commission fee and all costs related to the management of your appartment will be taken care of by Leavy.

Do I have to get the permission of my landlord ?

Yes you do. We can also help you convince your landlord by talking to him/her  smile

What about your flat :

Will I have to pay extra fees for cleaning ?

No, you will not need to pay anything. We take care of cleaning at your departure, between each stay of the travelers and the cleaning before your coming back.

Can I leave you my sheets and towels?

No :)) We bring our own linens (towels, pillow cases, sheets)! Therefore, we won’t be using yours!


Do you also take care of my electricity and internet bills?

Yes!! We also pay your bills when you are not there, so your apartment literally costs you nothing in your absence!

What do I do with my valuable items when I leave my apartment with Leavy?

You can leave your items of (sentimental) value with us. We will store them in a secure place and will give them back to you upon return.

Will there be a check of the premises beforehand?

We request an inventory and check list from you/provided by you before your departure. We will ask you to take pictures of the apartment before leaving, pointing out everything of importance to you. You can simply send them to us by e-mail, which will then function as the checklist of the state of the apartment.

What insurance do you have?

We have a professional liability insurance with AXA, which covers possible damages or theft during your absence.

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